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The HGH gut myth.

That’s, right we’re gonna bust the myth about the HGH gut. We were talking about the GH gut because Bostin has a gut and he knows it. In fact, he likes it he’s proud of it, he doesn’t even try to hold it in. That’s what people don’t understand, he doesn’t care what you guys think about it. But he does want to clear up that it’s, not from hgh. And I know this, to be sure, because I know a lot of guys that have run huge amounts of hgh for a long time, and their gut has not grown.

But there’s, another compound that they’re running. That does grow the gut, whether it’s temporary or permanent, that can be debated.

What is this other compound Trevor?


Can Insulin Cause the HGH Gut?

How much insulin did you take Boston? Uh, well, today none I haven’t. But last couple of days, about sixty, seventy units.

And did you notice the size of your gut change when you’re on insulin?

100% because you obviously have the intake a lot of foods. Yeah, you know, when you’re having all of that insulin, you got to compensate with carbohydrates. And I really don’t think my digestive system is up to par, so I’m just not adjusting. Some people get away with it. Some people can keep a small waist, but the majority of people that I know that run crazy high insulin. They’re going to distend there gut.

You did do the keto diet. That means no carbohydrates. Did you notice your waist got smaller?

Yeah, there’s no bloat at all on that like nothing and that was on 12 IU’s of GH. So that’s goes to show you, I was on that much GH and that was not bringing out the HGH gut. Because my gut was tiny, you know?

I noticed the same thing when I go high carbohydrate my gut gets a lot bigger. Soon as I go keto, after a couple days my gut shrinks tight.

Is there something about the combination of carbohydrates and insulin that causes the gut to grow Trevor?

I mean they’re both work the same if your intestines if people understand there are receptors in your intestines. For one IGF and insulin, they’re separate receptors, for insulin sensitivity in your intestine. People don’t understand that. That’s why I was talking about important of nutrition and intestinal health. So you’re combining something that’s hitting these receptors, right? And when you start wearing out, the same thing happens and they get a flame to it, and you start to grow temporarily. And it’s not that they’re permanently grown they just swell up like that. And we did that video in Mexico. I said it’s not HGH that’s causing this GH gut, it has nothing to do with it. It’s a combination of insulin and eating and it’s temporary.

Well, Trevor, you took more growth hormone than anybody I’ve ever known. And your waist is tight. Actually, your waist is a little bit blocky, I mean, but it’s actually very small for the rest of the size of your body. But I went back. And look at your competition pictures from years ago and you’ve always had a little bit block here like us more like a solid frame.

What I don’t get, I can’t keep my stomach that tight.

Now you guys saw the footage when Bostin’s gut was like, really distended yesterday after doing a ton of insulin high carbs. And today he hasn’t eaten very much. He hasn’t eaten a lot of carbs so it’s much tighter.

Bostin loyd hgh gut

So I will explain why I did a fourteen hour fast. I just felt like I had so much shit packed up in me. I haven’t taken insulin since we did a pre-workout yesterday. So it’s been, you know, it’s been almost twenty-four hours, so yeah.

So how about permanent HGH gut because people are really concerned about that?

Real GH gut, that’s what we are talking about, is a genetically predisposition. And you see, when it happens, it’s an overnight thing when they do a lot of growth hormone. It’s a perfect circle, it’s, not a bloat and that’s what I try and tell people a bloat when the gut does this is different when this happens.  And it literally looks like a basketball is implanted in your stomach, and it’s a genetic predisposition or foreign one. And the same thing with the head growth and jaw growth. I also see a lot of guys getting big noses on GH.

So what’s fueling this misconception, this myth that it’s happening to a few people kind of like dnp has killed a few people. And yet there are tens of hundreds of thousands of people that have used it for health benefits and for fat burning with no side effects. And yet one person dies. And now everybody’s worried it’s gonna kill everybody. Same thing with the HGH gut. Some people are predisposed to it and some people abuse it.

I get more distension or the most distention on IGF-1 LR3. Like i noticed when i get on the cycle LR3 and my carbs from my post workout, my gut just goes fucking crazy. It is better to run insulin with the IGF to because that’s the same receptor factor. It’s good, but I mean, access is different, but it’s the same insulin receptors that binds to the IGF receptors. When does are clear the way, allows for more free IGF rather than binding to that area. And that’s when they talk about the whole, they call it palumboism or HGH gut or whatever the term they want to use. A lot of it is just distension from those.

So I’m running gh and I get paranoid that my guts growing because it does get really floated. Oh, i do. And usually, it’s from the wheat.

You don’t consider yourself bloated right now?

Yes, I do. Really? But that’s like me on a good day.

But what’ll happen is then the next day, I’ll be like, I don’t want to feel like that today, so i’ll go low carbohydrate, or I’ll go, no wheat products, very least, and my waist is tightened up again, and then I’m like, okay, thank god it’s, not permanent gut growth, but see the paranoia I’ve got in my head from everything I’ve heard from online people making a lot of fanatics about the GH gut.

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