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Arimidex vs Aromasin

Arimidex versus Aromasin. Another name for Arimidex is Anastrozole. Another name for Exemestane is Aromasin. Same thing, just brand names there.

These are aromatase inhibitors, they prevent, their suicidal inhibitors so they kill your body’s ability to convert testosterone and certain other drugs to estrogen.

And they also can lower things like progesterone and prolactin indirectly, because if your estrogen is too high that can stimulate the increase in other female estrogens in the body.

Benefit of exemestane (Aromasin) and Arimidex over Letrozole is they are supposedly will not completely kill your estrogen levels, because unless we’re one week out from a bodybuilding competition or we’re having severe estrogen side effects, we don’t necessarily want to kill estrogen completely because estrogen itself was anabolic and helps build new muscle cells and helps with glucose metabolism.

So, I want to hear coach Trevor’s opinion and Bostin Lloyd’s opinion on Arimidex versus Aromasin (Exemestane).

Bostin Loyd’s take on Arimidex Vs Aromasin

Sounds like Bostin,  you pretty much use whichever you’ve got both on hand.

Correct, I haven’t seen any, I don’t feel any different. I don’t get blood work regularly, so I couldn’t really tell you the difference between the two on my blood work. But I, personally when I switch over, I don’t feel any difference and I use pharm grade tabs so they are definitely both real.

I just switch them up, and I never had a big issue. What dose are you taking right now? Right now I’m doing 0.5mg Arimidex every other day. Closer to a show I’ll do 1mg Arimidex every day and the last 4 weeks I’ll switch over to Letrozole.

Has that dosage always been adequate? Or have you ever had any estrogenic side effects at that dosage?

I’ve never had any anti estrogen side effects because, you know, when I was 21, so 4 years ago, I got my glands removed. So I mean, I don’t break out or get emotional or anything like that, so no, I haven’t really had any.

The highest my estrogen has ever been on blood work, I got my bloodwork taken probably 5 or 6 times and the highest I’ve ever seen it was 53. Which, as you know, is not crazy high.

Wow, let’s see what happens when you get on the MENT. Because I have a feeling that your estrogen is gonna go higher than you’ve ever experienced before.

Coach Trevor on Arimidex vs Aromasin

They both work. I like the Exemestane (Aromasin) a little bit better just because it’s safer. You can run it longer, I guess you would say a lot longer.

You gotta look at, you know, they made the first generation breast cancer drugs which, like tamoxifen and such when you talk about Aromatise inhibitors, when they came out, Letro and Arimidex or Aromasin is the latest one.

Every generation they get more effective, less side effects, more effective, less side effects. Every time it goes up. Aromasin happens to be that and that’s the newest one. And that that’s the only reason. But when you say, even when you say Letrozole versus Arimidex you know all these things. Letrozole they say will completely kill it. Well, it’s dosed at 2.5 milligrams.

If you take 2.5 milligrams of Arimidex every day is gonna potentially do the same thing. It’s, just harder on your lipids.

And that’s the only difference. So with any of those drugs, you can make it do whatever you want – dosage wise.

Does Tony Huge Use Aromasin or Arimidex?

The reason why I feel more comfortable with Exemestane (Aromasin) than Arimidex is because of the studies where they ran Exemestane for really long periods of time with no side effects. Actually, some certain health benefits, and even for nattys using Exemestane to boost natural testosterone levels without affecting lipids too much and without crashing estrogen too much.

So that’s why I feel comfortable with Exemestane and it’s always worked for me.

Bostin Loyd’s opinion on Letrozole

I did notice when I was a teenager that when I was very estrogen sensitive when my estrogen I could tell was crazy gyno and you know, lactating and all that stuff. Letrozole by far was the best thing for me because when I took it, it would dry me out completely.

My nipples would shrink up and, like, honestly, I used to diet really hard on no anti-estrogens because back then I was just using Prohormones. When I added the Letrozole in I didn’t get any anti estrogen side effects because my estrogen was so high as it was, it was just bringing it down. So, I liked Letrozole as a teenager.


Arimidex (Anastrozole) VS. Aromasin (Exemestane)
Aromatize Inhibitors such as Arimidex or Aromasin or commonly used among bodybuilders while running an Anabolic Steroid Cycle. This prevents the Testosterone in your body from converting over to Estrogen which will give you unwanted side effects such as Gynecomastia.

Chemical Name: Arimidex Brand Name: Anastrozole
Chemical Name: Aromasin Brand Name: Exemestane

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