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Genius Pills Review

Genius Pills! I’m Aaron Reed, worlds tallest bodybuilder coming at you live to talk about my personal Genius Pills Review.

I have just experimented with the Genius Pills by Enhanced Athlete for the second time. These are designed to increase focus and mental clarity – they DEFINITELY do that.

Genius Pills Review

I took two capsules but I didn’t really feel anything, so a few days later I decided to try 4 capsules. The reason I took them was because I have been studying Spanish so I get to speak to my girlfriend a little bit better. So I thought to myself, let’s give the Genius Pills a try to really get into the study course.

Once I took them it went really well. The main things I noticed, after about 30 minutes I felt a little bit of energy coming on to me. Felt like perhaps I was going to start shaking, something was kind of going on so I thought oh wow, I’m actually feeling it!

Well then we came to the gym, around the time I got there and walked in the gym there were no jitters, no side effects – I just felt READY. Okay like, I felt ready, very clear-headed and focused. I did a couple of sets for triceps and biceps, it was actually a rest day but I decided to move a little bit because we had been training so intense the couple last days.

But I tell you what – I pumped up right away. Honestly, it felt amazing. It was actually supposed to be a rest day but I felt really strong, so the mental clarity definitely is a thing. Besides that, I also felt stimulated. Not stimulated like ephedrine or caffeine or something like that.

It was very different. It’s been a few hours now and I don’t feel any downsides. So I will definitely be using these from time to time especially when I have to study.

This was my Genius Pills review guys, hope you enjoyed! If you are looking to order the Genius pills make sure to visit Enhanced Athlete’s website and use my discount code GMTGS!



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