PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) Shoulders and Rear Delt Injection

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2 thoughts on “PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) Shoulders and Rear Delt Injection”

  1. That’s amazing content guys ! Great production quality too! I love how you’re showing a lot of the process in details. I just realized that I can actually do it myself at home for quite cheap too (centrifuge machines starting at only $60 on Amazon!). One question : how fast was the second spin of your blood (in RPM) and for how long ? And how thick and long was the needle use ? It would be amazing if you could respond! Thanks a lot!

  2. I am so incredibly interested in prp. Than you so much for this content, I am extremely interested in hearing more, and hope you keep us updated.

    Curious about how safe it is though, in a stable human. I know there are incredible benefits for people who are deficient.

    Please keep us posted.


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