Micro-dosing mushrooms! Everything about magic mushrooms and their amazing benefits

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  1. 1) Concerns about disobedience and assumptions about the relationship between obedience and teaching authority probably drove the original 400 year suppression of hallucinationogenic mushrooms in North America.

    My research on the prohibition of mushrooms in North America corroborates the “conspiracy” theory that the US government prohibited mushrooms for control. However, the most successful prohibition of mushrooms occurred from the 1500s to the mid 1900s.

    Underground imitations of the Ministry of the Holy Spanish Inquisition (i.e., bishops and abbotts in secret churches with altered Inquisition insignia) helped to advance this prohibition. The prohibitionist theology assumed associations between obedience and teaching authority, on the one hand, and teaching authority and truth-force, on the other. I don’t think the Catholic Church had a big problem with the spiritual experiences or visions psychedelics occasioned, nor with mushroom “debauchery” per se (although the memory-inducing effects of psychedelics may have worried some bishops and monks).

    Empathetically understanding another culture required a re-thinking of the relationship between (a) the force of truth, (b) the necessity of teaching authority, and–most importantly–(c) the nature of “obedience” (i.e., listening) to teachers.

    The ecclesiastical and civil authorities banned mushrooms by failing to distinguish between compliance and listening.

    Perhaps the mushroom-eaters could have done a better job of demonstrating that they heard and understood the authorities’ concerns. My interest in psychedelics should obviate my attitude toward the executions, tortures, and imprisonments for psychedelic use.

    2) Regarding the 150 mg dose—I should try such a dose. My microdoses were always ~500 mg, and I found those doses a bit distracting. However, I also noticed several benefits of microdosing LSD at lower amounts. I also pushed the envelope with mescaline.

    Clarifying my motivation to microdose helped me to lower my LSD doses: am I looking for a recreational experience, or am I just trying to feel better?

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