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  1. What is Aromasin?
  2. How Does Aromasin Work?
  3. Aromasin and Bodybuilding
  4. Study and Development
  5. Difference of Arimidex & Aromasin
  6. Benefits of Aromasin
  7. Side Effects of Aromasin
  8. Dosage
  9. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  10. Conclusion

Dr. Tony Huge on Aromasin. 

Aromasin is Exemestane and Exemestane is Aromasin.  It’s puzzling to me that people don’t use exemestane more.  It’s not as popular as anastrozole or tamoxifen for mitigating bodybuilding-related estrogen problems.  But it should be the go-to number one first choice as it has the most benefits and least side effects. 

I would use it if I was natty to lower estrogen gently and significantly increase testosterone.  I would use it on a cycle of something like testosterone to reduce the amount of testosterone that converts to estrogen.  I would even use it during PCT to restore my natural testosterone production.  The dosage I use on test subjects is between a 25mg pill once every 4 days up to a 25mg pill every day for extreme cycles.  The average dose I use on people is 25mg 2x per week.  But I don’t just automatically add it to every cycle.  It depends on how much we need to reduce estrogen. 

Estrogen is good for building muscle we just don’t want to have so much estrogen that we have estrogen side effects.  But what most ignorant people do is use Anastrazole instead which does the same thing but with more side effects, or they use tamoxifen which also has more side effects.  All of these compounds are fine and have a place but if people were aware of the facts they would be using exemestane/aromasin a lot more often and tamoxifen and anastrozole less often.

Breast cancer is one of the most frequent malignancies in women, with about 13% of them developing the disease. When choosing a treatment regimen, a healthcare provider analyzes a number of aspects, including the stage of the disease, if the person has particular genetic alterations, and whether the cancer cells use the body’s natural hormones to thrive.

Breast cancer was detected in over 250,000 people in the United States in 2017. The most frequent subtype is Luminal A breast cancer, which accounts for around 88 percent of all breast cancer cases. This type of breast cancer is hormone receptor-positive (HR+) and responsive to hormones in the body, but it lacks the protein HER2. This subtype can be further subdivided according to whether the cancer cells are estrogen or progesterone sensitive.

Aromasin may be prescribed by your doctor if you have breast cancer. It’s a prescription medication for women who have experienced menopause.

Breast cancer in its early stages. This indicates that the cancer is limited to your breast. Breast cancer that has progressed. This indicates that cancer has spread throughout your body. Aromasin is a brand-name medication that contains exemestane as its active component. Aromasin is also available as exemestane, a generic medication. Aromasin is available in the form of tablets that must be swallowed.

What is Aromasin?

Aromasin (exemestane) is an aromatase inhibitor licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration. Postmenopausal women diagnosed with hormone-receptor-positive, early-stage breast cancer after taking tamoxifen for 2 to 3 years to reduce the risk of cancer returning; postmenopausal women diagnosed with advanced-stage or metastatic hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer after taking tamoxifen for 2 to 3 years to reduce the risk of cancer returning; postmenopausal women diagnosed with advanced-stage or metastatic hormone-receptor-positive breast When women start taking Aromasin, they discontinue taking tamoxifen.

Because aromatase inhibitors do not prevent the ovaries from producing estrogen, they are mostly used to treat postmenopausal women. Researchers questioned if there was a way to successfully treat premenopausal patients diagnosed with hormone-receptor-positive, early-stage breast cancer with an aromatase inhibitor because aromatase inhibitors are so much more effective than tamoxifen in postmenopausal women. The SOFT (Suppression of Ovarian Function Trial) research released in 2015 found that premenopausal women with hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer who have their ovarian function suppressed can be successfully treated with Aromasin. Aromasin may be used instead of tamoxifen for hormonal therapy treatment if you’re a premenopausal woman willing to take drugs to suppress your ovaries.

How Does Aromasin Work?

Exemestane, also known as Aromasin, is a steroid Aromatase Inhibitor (IA). According to the patented name of the medicine business “Upjohn,” the name “Aromasin” is the pharmacological name Exemestane. Despite the fact that the drug is under the stringent control of the pharmaceutical behemoth, it is available all over the world.

When using the medicine for medicinal purposes, it deprives cancer cells vital for their life “recharge” estrogen. Aromasin’s usefulness for these goals is undeniable. It is, however, suggested that Tamoxifen be used first. Exemestane should be used if this medicine does not produce positive outcomes.

Despite its excellent efficacy, however, this substance is utilized in medicine less frequently than Anastrozole. This is because Arimidex operates similarly to the primary aromatase inhibitor in many ways. It happens not just after menopause in the treatment of breast cancer, but also in the treatment of other cancers.

Aromasin and Bodybuilding

Aromasin has the ability to efficiently block the enzyme aromatase, which is involved in the conversion of testosterone to female hormones. The amount of estrogen in the blood falls as a result. Because the development of breast cancer is strongly tied to the growth of estrogen levels, this medicine is useful in the battle against it. Exemestane became popular among steroid-addicted athletes as a result of this phenomenon.

Many anabolic steroids have the ability to aromatize, which can cause a variety of negative effects, such as the accumulation of a high quantity of fluid in the body and gynecomastia. The second is regarded to be the most serious negative consequence. Active fluid retention, on the other hand, can considerably raise blood pressure.

It’s also worth remembering that the inability to aromatize anabolic steroids can lead to the development of estrogenic side effects if a progestogenic activity is involved. Nandrolone esters are a good example of such steroids. This medicine has a weak aromatase interaction (no more than 20% testosterone), but it has a substantial progestogenic effect.

A rise in progesterone levels has been linked to the development of gynecomastia in numerous studies. The athlete will be able to avoid estrogen adverse effects by using Exemestane in bodybuilding on a steroid cycle. According to the research, Aromasin can lower estradiol levels in the blood by up to 85%.

This isn’t the only advantage of the substance that helped him gain popularity among bodybuilders. Exemestane, when used following a steroid cycle in bodybuilding, has been shown to speed up the release of endogenous male hormones. Some athletes use this aromatase inhibitor as part of their PCT. It’s worth noting that Letrozole and Anastrozole have a similar impact. They can alert the pituitary gland to the need to begin producing gonadotropin hormones such as luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones.

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Study and Development

Estrogen may play a role in breast cancer cell proliferation. Aromatase is the main enzyme in pre- and postmenopausal women that transforms androgens into estrogens. While the ovary is the primary source of estrogen (mainly estradiol) in premenopausal women, the aromatase enzyme in peripheral tissues converts androgens (androstenedione and testosterone) to estrogens (estrone and estradiol) in postmenopausal women.

Exemestane is a steroidal aromatase inactivator that shares structural similarities with the natural substrate androstenedione. Exemestane acts as a false substrate for the aromatase enzyme, converting to an intermediate that binds irreversibly to the enzyme’s active site, inactivating it, a phenomenon known as “suicide inhibition.” Exemestane significantly lowers circulating estrogen levels in postmenopausal women, but has no effect on adrenal corticosterone or aldosterone biosynthesis. Exemestane has no effect on other enzymes in the steroidogenic pathway until it reaches a concentration 600 times that of the aromatase inhibitor.

Difference of Arimidex and Aromasin

Anastrozole is marketed under the brand name Arimidex. It was licensed by the FDA in 1995 for the treatment of hormone receptor-positive early breast cancer in postmenopausal women. Arimidex comes in a 1 mg tablet that can be taken with or without food once a day. Food has little effect on the absorption of Arimidex in the body. ANI Pharmaceuticals is the company that makes Arimidex.

Exemestane is marketed under the brand name Aromasin. It was authorized by the FDA in 1999 and is used to treat hormone receptor-positive early breast cancer in postmenopausal women who have taken tamoxifen for at least two years. Aromasin is a 25 mg pill that should be taken once a day after a meal. The absorption of Aromasin by the body has been demonstrated to be aided by food. Pfizer is the company that makes Aromasin.

FDA-approved adjuvant therapies for hormone receptor-positive early breast cancer include Arimidex and Aromasin. These drugs are often given as adjuvant treatments after the initial therapy, such as surgery, has been completed.

Arimidex and Aromasin are both effective therapies for breast cancer. The most successful breast cancer treatment will be determined by a variety of factors, including the patient’s reaction to the treatment, any adverse effects, and the treatment cost. To decide the best alternative, a healthcare provider should be consulted.

Benefits of Aromasin

No other member of the aromatase inhibitor class possesses these characteristics. By boosting the concentration of insulin-like growth factor, an athlete can not only swiftly repair the processes of testosterone production after a steroid cycle but also change the balance between anabolism and catabolism towards the first.

Because the effect of rollback is minimal and muscular tissues are shielded from degradation, some bodybuilders believe that this has a favorable influence on the body’s recuperation. When you consider the immediate effects of using Exemestane in bodybuilding following a steroid cycle, though, it’s evident that it’s not a good idea. It’s emphasize the most significant of the good effects of the medicine in a summary of the findings of the discussion:

  • This is a fantastic tool for preventing gynecomastia.
  • Reduces the number of female hormones in the body.
  • Encourages the development of anabolic background.
  • Muscle pain alleviation is improved.
  • It’s an effective method of preventing hypertension.
  • Reduces estrogen’s deleterious impact on the pituitary arc.
  • Its androgenic activity is minimal.
  • Accelerates insulin-like growth factor secretion.
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Side Effects of Aromasin

Aromasin can cause serious side effects, however, they are uncommon. If you experience any severe side effects, contact your doctor straight once. If you believe you are experiencing a medical emergency, dial 911 or your local emergency number. Aromasin has been linked to the following serious adverse effects:

  • blood pressure that is too high
  • depression
  • Bone loss, which can lead to fractures and osteoporosis, is a concern.
  • cardiac disease, such as a heart attack, chest pain, or heart failure
  • response to allergen


Aromasin Tablets are spherical, biconvex, and slightly gray in color. Exemestane is 25 mg in each tablet. The number “7663” is printed in black on one side of the tablets. Aromasin is sold in packs of 30 tablets in HDPE bottles with a child-resistant screw lid. Keep at 25°C (77°F); excursions to 15°–30°C (59°–86°F) are allowed.

One 25 mg pill once daily after a meal is the recommended dose of Aromasin in early and advanced breast cancer. After two to three years of tamoxifen, postmenopausal women with estrogen-receptor positive early breast cancer are moved to Aromasin for a total of five years of adjuvant hormonal therapy. Treatment of advanced breast cancer in postmenopausal women whose disease has progressed after treatment with tamoxifen.


Is Aromasin safe for women?

​​Aromasin should not be taken by pregnant or potentially pregnant women since it may harm the fetus. Reproductive toxicity has been demonstrated in animal studies. Aromasin does not appear to be excreted in human milk. Aromasin should not be taken by lactating mothers.

What if I forget to take an Aromasin dose? 

Ask your doctor what to do if you forget to take an Aromasin dose. They may urge you to take the dose if it’s near the time you should have taken it. If your next dose is approaching, they may advise you to omit the missing dose and continue on your regular plan. A medicine reminder might assist you in remembering to take your meds.

Is Aromasin something I’ll have to take for a long time?

Maybe, Aromasin is typically used for a period of five years. The medicine can be administered for up to ten years in specific forms of breast cancer. Consult your doctor to find out how long you’ll need to take Aromasin.

Is it possible to chew, crush, or split Aromasin? 

Aromasin pills should not be chewed, crushed, or split. They should be swallowed fully. Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are having problems swallowing tablets.

Is it necessary to take Aromasin with food? Yes. Aromasin should be taken with food. This should aid your body’s absorption of the medication. Consult your doctor if you have any queries regarding when to take Aromasin.

How long does it take Aromasin to work? 

Aromasin begins to function almost immediately after you take a dose. However, any improvement in your health may take several weeks. Regular blood tests and imaging tests will be ordered by your doctor to see how Aromasin is working to treat your breast cancer.


Aromasin and its other brand names are beneficial in the treatment of ER+ breast cancer in menopausal women. These drugs act by reducing estrogen levels in the body. The effectiveness of these drugs in treating this kind of breast cancer has been shown in large research studies.

These drugs can induce adverse effects including hot flashes and bone weakening because they influence estrogen levels in the body. Switching to another AI could help people who are experiencing ill effects from one. Because everyone reacts differently to medications, make important to tell your doctor about how you’re feeling so they can figure out the best treatment option for you

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The information provided above is not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek your physician’s advice or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have seen or read. We bear no responsibility or liability for your use of any compound.