Sarms and Fat Loss.  Can Sarms Help You Burn Fat?

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Many people may be under the false notion that Sarms will get them ultra-shredded.  While this may not be true entirely it should be noted that Sarms are able to greatly help in the fat loss process when used correctly.  Today I wanted to dive into how Sarms can be used and what role they play when it comes to dropping body fat.  With summer coming right around the corner this is not an article you want to miss.

  1. Intro to Fat Burning
  2. Sarms are Anti Catabolic
  3. Sarms Increase Metabolism and Help with Cardio
  4. Some Sarms make you LOOK Leaner
  5. Application and Conclusion

Intro to Fat Burning

For starters, there are many ways to burn fat.  There are tons and tons of pathways and products that we can use to help us lose fat.  Things like Clenbuterol act as beta-receptor agonists.  Meaning they exert their fat-loss properties via the beta receptors.  Other things like metformin can help fat loss by bettering how we partition our nutrients, meaning that the food that we do consume goes directly to the muscle.  So how do SARMs (androgen receptor agonists) fit into these equations?  Well for starters, Sarms by themselves are not going to be ultra-potent body fat burners.  Do not expect to take Ostarine and at the end of 8 weeks become shredded.  What I will say is that SARMs play an important role in solving one of the biggest issues that bodybuilders face when it comes to trying to lose fat, that issue being catabolism.

SARMs are Anti Catabolic

Catabolism is basically when the body is in a state where it is at risk of losing muscle.  This comes often when bodybuilders are attempting to cut down for a show or a competition, or just lose body fat.  Sarms work perfectly for this though as Sarms were designed for muscle-wasting diseases and ailments.  So when you take a Sarm and cut down you are no longer at risk for going catabolic and potentially losing muscle.  In fact, you may even notice that you gain some muscle mass when using the Sarm even during a cut!


SARMs Increase Metabolism and Help with Cardio

SARMs can also help your fat loss goals in a sense in two ways.  Sarms will help to increase how many calories you burn in a day.  This is due to them helping to increase metabolism and by them helping you pack on muscle which will always be useful in burning fat.  The more muscle you have the more calories your body will burn a day at rest meaning it is easier to create a surplus.  For example, when some guys take RAD-140 or S23 they actually notice that they are losing weight by accident because they did not increase how many calories they were eating.  Some guys get such a strong metabolic boost from S23 they may find it hard to keep up with eating enough with it.  The second way that Sarms can help you to lose body fat is by helping to improve endurance.  Certain Sarms like Rad-140 are amazing for helping to boost endurance and helping to allow you to do far longer cardio sessions than you would have before.  I remember that when I used RAD I was amazed at how long I could do the stair stepper.

Some SARMs Make You LOOK Leaner

While this is not in any way related to fat burning.  Sarms can also produce very good cosmetic looks that may make you look leaner in a sense. When you take a compound like S4 or RAD-140 you are sure to look harder and more vascular which will in turn make you look leaner.  Many guys will look leaner with that vascular look that comes with taking RAD.  Sarms offer another cosmetic benefit in that they will have you ultra-pumped throughout the day even when you are cutting on low calories and carbs.  Often times when you cut without Sarms you will notice that you are feeling flat and small during the day.

Application and Conclusion

At the end of the day, you can not expect to lose fat just by taking a SARM cycle.  But what you can do is use the anti-catabolic features of Sarms to help give you that boost on your cut so you stay looking strong and full and not lose your hard-earned muscle.  I highly recommend deploying Sarms towards the final 8 weeks of your cut when it starts to get hard.  In my eyes, there is no reason to deploy a Sarm too early in the cut because you are not in that super catabolic state just yet.  I also highly recommend picking a SARM like S4, Rad-140, or S23 as they tend to produce amazing looks while you are cutting down.  The vascularity and hardness you get from them are unreal.  Also as I mentioned before up there Rad-140 will also give a nice boost to your endurance which will help make fat loss a breeze.  To conclude, following a strict diet, sleeping well, optimizing recovery, and training like a beast are all essential to proper fat loss, but SARMs can be a massive game changer for helping you lose fat while keeping your hard-earned muscle.