You will Never Buy Alpha Brain Again After Trying This Stack!

 »  »  You will Never Buy Alpha Brain Again After Trying This Stack!

Nootropics are one of the hottest things on the market right now.  Everyone from celebrities to fitness influencers, to CEOs is using nootropics to help better their lives.  Nootropics can do a wide range of things to better one’s life like improve energy, confidence, and productivity.  One of the most popular Nootropics on the current market that has been promoted by the likes of Joe Rogan is Alpha Brain.  In this article, I want to dive into what Alpha Brain is and an alternative nootropic stack that will absolutely blow it all out of the water.

  1. What is Alpha Brain?
  2. A Stronger and more Potent Alternative to Alpha Brain
  3. Conclusion

What is Alpha Brain?

Alpha Brain is likely one of the most popular nootropics on the market.  This is due to it being promoted by people like Joe Rogan and other influencers.  But is its popularity justified, or is it all hype?  The supplement claims to boost both memory and focus but is it really effective for this?   In my eyes, it is mainly just hyped.  Let’s break down its ingredient formula.  If I spend money on a supplement, first it must meet two standards; that it has good ingredients and two, that it has enough of those ingredients.  The first issue with it is that it has blended.  Blends mean that the actual amount of each ingredient is not disclosed, but instead hidden within blends.  Alpha Brain features three blends: the Flow Blend, the focus blend, and the fuel blend. Let’s look at the focus blend.  The blend has Alpha GPC, Bacopa, and Huperzia which totals up to 240mg.  This is highly problematic because Alpha GPC alone should be dosed at a minimum at 300mg.  This is the fundamental issue with this product.  While the ingredients in it are not bad they are heavily underdosed.  The flow blend with tyrosine, theanine, Oat Straw, and Phosphatiydleserine totals up to 650 mg.  This is again problematic because tyrosine alone should be at the minimum 500mg.  If the total blend equals up to 650mg that means we are not getting enough of each ingredient.  Again my issue is not the ingredients themselves, tyrosine and theanine are amazing nootropics, but in this specific product, they are highly underdosed. As you can see there are many issues with this supplement.  Now I want to introduce to you an alternative that will truly blow the alpha brain out of the water. I am talking about a night and day difference.  

A Stronger and More Potent Alternative to Alpha Brain

The stack I am going to propose is going to be something that will truly boost your memory, focus, and energy.  It is an amazing nootropic stack that is highly effective.  This can be used by anyone from a stay-at-home mom to a college student, to a businessman.  It is made up of 3 compounds, and all of these can be found at Swiss Chems.

To kick off the stack I want to start with a compound called Noopept.  Noopept is a prodrug of cyclic glycine proline.  Studies suggest that Noopept works via the antioxidant effect and anti-inflammatory actions.  Other studies suggest it may activate HIF-1.  Noopept is an excellent tool to increase memory, focus, verbal fluency, and energy, and it is awesome to lower anxiety.  It is a very clean energy source that will not leave you feeling anxious or jittery but will leave you with smooth and clean energy.


The second compound in this stack is Semax.  Semax is another powerful nootropic that can increase BDNF.  BDNF is a key neurotrophic factor that is essential to developing a superhuman brain.  Semax helps to increase concentration and is amazing at helping to boost memory.   When you are increasing BDNF your brain will simply work better. If you have not noticed yet, the first two compounds I have picked Semax and Noopept, both have dual effects when it comes to increasing memory and concentration.  I find too with both of these the longer I take them and the more consistent I am with them the better my brain begins to work.


The final compound in this stack is Alpha GPC.  Alpha GPC or some form of choline is essential in all nootropic stacks in my opinion. Alpha GPC is likely the most energizing form of choline.  A lot of nootropics like racetams or Noopept will also lower the body’s reserves of choline.  When choline reserves get low you can have side effects like headaches or brain fog.  This is why making sure you have choline in your stack is so important.  Not only is choline synergistic, but it also will help to build your brain to be able to function better in terms of memory and cognition.


By stacking all three of these you will be getting amazing memory, cognition, and energy!


Nootropics are becoming highly popular and mainstream.  With that certain products will rise up and take the spotlight.  Products like Alpha Brain definitely have strong marketing behind them, but strong marketing does not mean that the product is a good product.  As you have seen today Alpha Brain really is not a groundbreaking product, but instead a highly flawed product.  The stack I introduced will bring you everything that Alpha Brain promises and more!  I highly recommend you give it a shot, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.



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