What happens first cycle 1ml 50mg Magnalone / Lgd4033 A DAY w/ Dr Tony Huge


#Magnalone #Sarms #Megadosing www.linktr.ee/whiteboyfromtheyard Whassup everybody! Today That Whiteboy is back with another video! Joined by Dr Tony Huge From Enhanced Athlete/ Enhanced Labs. In this Enhanced Question Series we talk about the injectable form of LGD4033 ( anabolicum, ligandrol ) which is Maganlone. And what would happen if your first cycle would be 1ml […]

Full Magnolone Cycle w/ Dr Tony Huge (Injectable LGD4033 Sarm)


#Magnolone #DrTonyHuge #Lgd4033 www.musclegelz.com discount code : Whiteboy15 – Whassup everybody its that whiteboy from the yard. And today we are with Dr Tony Huge From Enhanced Athlete. Where he is answering my questions about the injectable form of the sarm LGD4033, which is Magnolone. What dosage, cycle lenght, Best PCT, Best for off season […]