Can You Combine Deca and Tren?


We want to know from Coach Trevor, can we combine Deca and Tren?
Since they are both Progestins, most people think they can’t combine them due to prolactin build up, sex drive, etc.
It can be done but for those with sensitivity to estrogen or prolactin, its not a good choice.
Side effects are the main concern which is obvious.. but the gains are insane.

4 thoughts on “Can You Combine Deca and Tren?”

  1. Hey man I mean no disrespect but whatever you wrote is worthless because none of the words make sense. Nothing is spelled right nor is it even close to what I think you were attempting to mean. I’m assuming you speak broken English and for that I’ll give you a pass but if you were born here that’s a different was like a 5 yr old wrote that wtf. I was so curious too to find out about stacking the two. Hire a proof reader please!!

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