Enhanced Athlete Reviews


1. Rage Preworkout Review

Rage Preworkout is one of the strongest Pre workouts currently available. Seriously, this stuff is no joke. This Preworkout contains intense stimulants such as DMHA and caffeine to help take your workouts to the next level. It’s mainly known for its extreme muscle pumps, increased vascularity and boosting strength and overall power.

The great thing about Rage Preworkout is that it has such a strong formula. It’s definitely not your typical preworkout.  A scoop of Rage will help increase blood flow to the muscles, resulting in a great pump during your workout. You can also expect to be focussed through your workout and the rest of the day.

This Preworkout will help increase intensity to make sure you are getting the most out of your workout. Curious to know what other people think of Rage? Check out Coach Trevor’s in-depth Rage Preworkout Review.

If you are still having doubts about whether Rage actually works or not, check out what supplement expert Tim Muriello had to say during his Rage Preworkout Review.

2. Genius Pills Review

Genius is a Brain nootropic supplement. The main reason why the Genius Pills by Enhanced Athlete have gotten so popular is mainly because of effective formula.

Enhanced Athlete’s Genius Pills contain key ingredients such as Alpha GPC to help assist your cognitive abilities. Unlike a lot of other products available on the market, these ingredients actually have been proven to work through clinical studies.

Each bottle of Genius contains 30 servings. They are extremely easy to use – 2 capsules once a day should be sufficient. However, if you are looking for extreme focus you can use 2 capsules twice a day.

There is no doubt in my mind that they are able to help improve memory, focus and energy. Check out how World’s tallest bodybuilder Aaron Reed gives his Genius Pills Review.

Aaron Reed uses the Genius Pills for both studying and for his workouts. It is great to hear that the mental focus helps him in the gym as well.


3. Slin Pills Review

Slin was designed to act as an insulin mimetic, making them great for nutrient shuttling. This insulin mimetic will help convert the food you eat into more muscle instead of fat.

It contains strong insulin mimickers like Berberine and Fenugreek. All ingredients combined will help with getting you stronger, leaner and give better pumps. The Slin Pills will help burn fat by using it as fuel, which is a big bonus.

Check out Tim Muriello’s Slin Pills Review, it will give you a great idea of the mechanism behind this product.

Another thing worth mentioning about Slin is that the effects are almost instantly. You have to take 2 capsules with a high carbohydrate meal. You will feel the Slin pills doing their work very fast, allowing nutrients to be fully absorbed by the muscles.

Tony Huge is also a big fan of Enhanced Athlete’s slin pills. He uses them very frequently to get his blood sugar down, make sure to check out his review below.

4. Arachidonic Acid Review

This product has to be one of my personal favourites. Arachidonic Acid (ARA) is responsible for inflammation within the muscle tissue. It’s actually a natural fatty acid which makes it completely safe to use.

You want to be able to trigger as much inflammation as possible in the muscles, this will signal them to grow even harder. Arachidonic Acid will make you sore like never before, trust me.

If you have never tried Arachidonic Acid and you are looking for a natural supplement that can help you take your progress to the next level, definitely give ARA a shot.

Supplementation of arachidonic acid (1,500 mg/day for 8 weeks) has been shown to increase lean body mass, strength, and anaerobic power in experienced resistance-trained men

Arachidonic Acid has been proven to work and you will feel the effects within just one or two days after a heavy workout.

5. Blue Ox Test Booster Review

If you are looking for a product that is able to stimulate natural testosterone levels, make sure to check out the Blue Ox Testosterone Booster. This product contains everything you need and more to help improve lean muscle gains and strength.

It contains great ingredients such as Ashwagandha and Tribulus Terrestris, known for having a positive impact on hormone levels and well-being. We all know that higher testosterone levels will help build more solid muscle and strength.

The Blue Ox is a very effective product compared to other test boosters. It can be stacked alongside other products such as the Arachidonic Acid and Slin Pills.

Make sure to take the Blue Ox in combination with a good diet and exercise program to optimize results. You can even take it during PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) in order to help stabilize natural testosterone production.