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How To Get More Vascular

You guys wanted to know how did Coach Trevor get so vascular and how to get more vascular.

Alright Coach Trevor, what’s the secret on how to get more vascular?

I was born with them. They weren’t always showing until I started working out. New ones would just start come up even when I was 115 pounds. I would just start seeing new veins come up within a couple of months. Pretty much all of my veins were already there, just not as prominent. The longer I did it, the bigger they would get.

Well, Trevor, some of your veins are just absolutely bursting out. Is there anything that made them burst more? You have some significant three-dimensional veins. They really just came out through working out and genetics?

Yes, I even had some of these back in high school.

Coach Trevor Tells You How To Get More Vascular

Trevor, can you tell people how to get more vascular?

Step one would obviously be to lose the body fat. Because the body fat is between the vein and the muscle and the surface of the skin. So obviously the body fat is blocking the ability to see the vein.

Next thing would be water, pulling the water out. There are fast tricks and slow tricks to pulling water out of your body. Bodybuilders often use diuretics to pull water out from under the skin. But pulling out too much water can make your veins go away. So make sure you stay hydrated, really hydrated.

The number one component of blood, which makes the veins pop is water. The plasma and any PDE5 inhibitors those are another thing that really gets the veins going, Viagra is a good example.

Basically, the longer you train the more blood vessels are created. Hormones play a big role in that too, testosterone and such. But a lot of growth factors like growth hormone and IGF-1, those things cause a blood vessel proliferation. So they create new ones also.

Quick Tip On How To Get More Vascular

Let’s give you guys a quick tip on how to get more vascular really fast.  This one is called Valsalva, you can use this to make your veins pop immediately.

Alright, let’s give them a demonstration of Valsalva. Make your veins pop Trevor. I will explain how to do it.

How to get more vascular

He is holding his breath and creating internal pressure. He is currently creating pressure in his abdomen by holding his breath and then compressing his abdomen at the same time. Most of you who have flexed in the mirror have probably learned this.

Other tips on how to get more vascular are:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Have enough Sodium (Not too much)
  • Enough carbohydrates

You don’t want to be spilled over. A good way is to always keep your body on that thin line where it’s keeping your body always wanting more. So you’re not giving it everything it needs until around your training time.

Doing a real clean diet throughout the day, before you get to the gym you do like fruity pebbles, really simple carbohydrates.

Once you do that, all of it starts filling into your blood. The electrolytes, the water and you will come in ridiculously pumped.


Steroids That Make You More Vascular

Masteron, the DHT injectable steroid. Why does that make us more vascular Trevor?

One of the ways it works to its binding the places you don’t want your testosterone too. So it frees up more of the testosterone and it does some form of blocking estrogen. Not a big deal but its such a dry gainer. You’re almost pulling out water from under the muscles from the excess testosterone and such. Its really taking that water out.

Which will result in much more prominent vascularity. That’s the main effect’s I believe it’s doing it by, it’s not really doing it in any other sense other than the secondary effects it causes.

What about compounds like Equipoise (Boldenone) Trevor? Does EQ help you get more vascular?

The times you’re using it usually you see more effects when you’re leaner. It’s a dry gainer which means your not putting on all that excess water for example with Nandrolone. You can still see the veins more and it does increase your red blood cells a little more which makes the blood thicker. This can also make the veins a little bigger. But honestly, the increase is so small

How Did Tony Huge Get More Vascular?

The way I built my veins, and actually where I used to see them the most was in my forearms was through really hard work. A lot of drop sets, very high intensity, very high volume at a young age and of course heavy weight.

You name it, I was living in the gym and doing taekwondo. The harder I worked and the more frequent I worked out the veins started to pop out more and more. Just out of necessity to get more blood flow to the muscles, basically for survival.

My body was freaking out cause I was working it so hard it needed more blood flow so it built the veins bigger.

The more you deprive it of oxygen and such during the training the more your body has to compensate by creating more blood vessels to get that oxygen supplied to the muscle.

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