Metformin and Bodybuilding


Metformin and Bodybuilding

This is one of the most commonly asked questions I get! So I’m finally going to do a video on it for you guys, giving you my experience in using metformin, bodybuilding. Why I even looked into it the first place myself when I did my first bodybuilding competition. And I also have on the phone a very special guest, the evil genius who’s going to talk about the science behind metformin and bodybuilding.

First, I’m going to just spew out my whole experience with metformin and bodybuilding. That way, evil genius can hear it for the first time, and he can also kind of critique some of my theories with it, and then get into the further science of it.

So metformin is a type II diabetes drug, it’s meant to shed the extra glucose from your body extra sugar so that you don’t need to produce much insulin. So you keep your blood sugar lower, often prescribed to people who are pre-diabetic, who are kind of heading down the path of becoming diabetic, type two diabetes, and so bodybuilders are thinking. Well, if I can use metformin to increase my insulin sensitivity than more of the glycogen that I eat will get absorbed in the muscles and less into the fat.

Dr Tony Huge’s personal experience with Metformin bodybuilding

My problem with that is that Metformin is a glucose disposal agent as opposed to insulin mimetic. The slimming pills by Enhanced Athlete are mainly designed to create insulin sensitivity in the muscle and act like an insulin mimetic act like insulin to help muscles absorb more glycogen. Whereas metformin just gets rid of the sugar.

The way I use metformin is I want to get in ketosis. If I want to get into extreme fat burning mode, I will use metformin to get rid of all that sugar out of my body as fast as possible. Get into ketosis faster so we can switch over into fat burning mode. Or if I’m trying to go extreme low carbohydrate as possible. But I’m gonna have some unavoidable carbs and the sauces and my food or something like that. Then I’ll use the Metformin to, get rid of that.

Metformin is a prescription drug in the USA but it’s also very easy to buy from Canadian pharmacies and it’s really easy to buy in every single country that I’ve been to over the counter. It’s a very common, very cheap, very safe drug usually comes in 500-milligram tablets, and the dosage is usually around 1500 milligrams per day.

When Does Tony Huge Use Metformin?

If I’m blasting the metformin than I usually take 500 milligrams 3 times a day or I take it with a carbohydrate meal. I’m careful not to take metformin with insulin because it gets rid of the blood sugar and with insulin, you need blood sugar, otherwise, your blood sugar can drop too low. So, I really don’t use it for bulking.

I only use it for extreme cutting. It is something that I would use if I’m doing like a five-day competition prep to deplete my body as fast as possible to make weight with zero carbs in my body. Or also to get the carbs out of my body as fast as possible so that I can get into ketosis and switch into fat burning mode.

My concerns with Metformin

My problems with metformin and bodybuilding is that it really is like a cutting drug, it’s really not an insulin sensitizer so much. The reason why people think that it’s an insulin sensitizer is because if you were to switch to a low carbohydrate diet, you would become more sensitive to insulin. That is the mechanism by which metformin works and a lot of these other glucose disposal agents is you think that they’re going to sensitize you the insulin, but all they’re doing is really getting rid of the sugar in your body, which makes you more sensitive insulin.

But if that’s the only reason you’re using it for then why wouldn’t you just go with a lower carbohydrate diet or especially cycle carbohydrates?

And then another concern that I had about metformin initially, which is no longer a concern to me. But I’m gonna have our bodybuilder in Thailand talk about the reason why he decided against using metformin and where he got that information. Then I’m gonna have the evil genius first, address that, and then go into the detail on metformin and bodybuilding.

I was interested in it, and I was researching about it a little bit. But then I watched Dave Palumbo’s show, ‘Ask Dave’ and he said that it decreases IGF-1, but he has metformin and that it just has no place in bodybuilding because of that. So I kind of threw it out.

That’s what Dave Palumbo had said in one of his videos. Evil genius, what do you think about the metformin and limiting IGF-1? And then tell us everything else you know about metformin and bodybuilding.

What does Ameen Alai think of Metformin Bodybuilding?

Well, everything I know about Metformin might take you outside of the scope with this video, not trying to be an ass, being honest. In regards to that remark, interestingly I almost agree with Dave – he’s close but not quite right.

One of the consequences of Metformin is something that I will discuss in a second about how it actually works, but one of the consequences is under the same carbohydrate load under the same total grams eaten, your body doesn’t need to produce the same volume of insulin in response.

Insulin is the major contributor to the conversion from somatotropic hormone into somatomedin that’s growth hormone into IGF-1. If you’re doing something some dietary practice that reduces the volume of circulating insulin by nature and definition, you’re going to get less IGF production, that’s not to say that metformin reduces IGF-1.

Its metformin reduces the amount of carbohydrates you need to eat and that consequently lowers your IGF. So, the solution would simply be raise your carbohydrate load by 20% and the problem corrects itself.

Or also take a little bit insulin, keeping in mind the danger of taking insulin and metformin together. Or just take IGF-1 LR3 anyways and we don’t care how much IGF-1 our body is producing.

Both of those I was about to mention in my overall description of Metformin, but absolutely the correct it’s one of those things where a nugget of truth and honesty to that. But it wildly understates the big picture.

Does Metformin have a place in bodybuilding?

Okay, so jump to the conclusion. Answer me two questions. Then you can go into more details.

Does metformin have a place in bodybuilding? And is it only good for cutting, or can it be used in any way for bulking?

Well, I will give you the big million dollar secret. Well, probably not – maybe half a million dollars. Every single one of my paid clients I recommend use metformin regardless of the place they are at in their training.

Except for periods where I asked him to take all simply for less drugs and stay for the more drugs. But in general, all my clients use and abuse metformin. Wow okay, now tell us why?

Big long complicated story, I won’t bore you with chemistry and discovery dates and all of that. But metformin goes all the way back to the late 30s, early 40s. It was put on the market in ’58, it is an incredibly tried and true as you stated. Incredibly safe. And incredibly, trick cheap drug.

What you personally just mentioned about how it works is accurate, probably a little understating and a little general. When you talk about muscle cells and insulin sensitivity most people kind of think of it as the lock and key scenario, like they talk about with a steroid receptor – that is actually not the case.

What you’ve got is a muscle surface insulin receptors, and then more or less beside the insulin receptors, there are portals or doorways we could call, and that is the GLUT4 transporter, complicated name.

But what it is when the insulin receptor is stimulated these translocators open up, allowing the ability for, ‘things’ to enter the muscle cell. Those things would be fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Proteins not really, amino acids, actually. Individual amino acids, full proteins would be too big to get inside of a cell, so I misspoke but amino acids.

How does metformin work?

What metformin does is two things. One and caused a deliver to produce slightly less sugar, so your liver is now making less sugar, that has consequences but we will talk about that in a second. The major action of metformin is that it changes the geometry of that GLUT4 translocator, making it more efficient. Essentially it makes the doorway bigger, or if you can use the analogy it kind of greases the opening.

So things, in this case, carbohydrates and amino acids ideally, can preferentially more easily transport into the cell. That is one of the reasons why it lowers blood sugar is because, under the same level of force i.e. insulin, you could get more carbohydrates out the blood and into the muscle cell.

The problem and the thing you failed to state specifically is, that also applies to amino acids. It makes cells more permeable to amino acids and that’s the goal when it comes to anabolism. Yes, you need carbohydrates to power things as an energy source, and yes you need carbohydrates for fullness, hydration all of that goodness.

But at the end of the day, muscle is made from amino acids. The more amino acids you could get to enter a cell, the higher the likelihood that cell will hypertrophy. So, that’s a very very quick nutshell of the muscle side of it and as you mentioned it does have a great role in speeding ketosis or as I use it just to overall lower blood sugar levels. Which then forces your liver to look for those substrates elsewhere, one of the major elsewheres is stored body fat.

So anything you could do to generally trend your blood sugar lower makes your body seek that blood sugar from somewhere else. Ultimately, fat is a great solution. So, long-term depression of blood sugar will be a long-term increase in free fatty acids, which theoretically should speed your way to contest shape.

That is a real capsule version, but that’s what I have to say about it and those things ranging anywhere from 500mg for say females.

You know what – I want to go into more detail with you on the specific protocol used, but in another video that way, this video people can get the overview, and then we’ll do another video that jumps right to the protocols.

People that just want to know how much do I take? And when do I take it? Then they can watch that video and get that summarized.

Enhanced Athlete Slin Pills Vs Metformin

But one, one more point about the metformin is the things that Metformin was missing in bodybuilding is everything that the slin pills from Enhanced Athlete hope to accomplish. I did not know that metformin itself had some of those we will call it insulin mimetic, insulin-sensitizing beyond the glucose disposal aspect. So that’s the wonderful thing about metformin.

If we look at the studies on berberine, berberine does everything that metformin does and more. And then I also added other ingredients in the slin pills to help sensitize us to insulin and act like insulin without actually having to produce more insulin. I had sent you some of the slin pills, Evil genius. I’m excited for you to try those and compare it to your experience with metformin.

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  1. Man , you have no idea how important you are to people like me. To have access to this knowledge is honestly a blessing

    I’m 36 and just started my first time on gear. I have no plans on coming off as I’ll be doing TRT in between. Got out of jail for the first time and changed my life around and all this is what’s keeping me from going on the other path. So I mean this with all my heart when I say how much your info is for me and staying on the healthy path.

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