STOP BUYING FAT BURNERS | The Ones That Acutally Work | How To Use Them


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Whassup Everybody! This time Richard (whiteboyfromtheyard) talks about wheter to use fat burners or not! How to use them, do they actually work? What are the best fat burners. And when to take them. Also we discuss the Diablo fat burner by Enhanced Athlete, aswell as the Code Red fat burner, and Yohimbine Hcl ! Don’t buy any fat burners before watching this video! Don’t waste money on products that don’t work. Always see a doctor before using any supplements.
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2 thoughts on “STOP BUYING FAT BURNERS | The Ones That Acutally Work | How To Use Them”

  1. I take acetyl l carnitine for the brain. Looking into Yohimbine HCl to burn off that stubborn tyre. lol But yeah definitely need to be in a calorie deficit. Totally agree about cortisol, I think most suffer from high worrying, anxiety and stress in its many forms, maintaining a chillax happy state is key. Nice info.

    1. Awesome! Thnx for the responds. Yohimbine will work 100% like i said. And indeed stress is something most people forget but at the end it could kill your goal wheter you want to burn fat or build muscle! If you’d like subscribe to my youtube channel aswell :

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