What is Superdrol?

There are two types of Superdrol. One is Methyldrostanolone and the other one is Dymethazine, which is two molecules of methyldrostanolone connected by an azine bond. Dymethazine is considered the ‘’newer’’ version of Superdrol, but it’s also weaker. In this article, we will be focusing more on the more popular version of Superdrol called Methyldrostanolone.

You might know Superdrol (SD) from back when prohormones were still around. This compound was marketed as a prohormone and nutritional supplement.

What a lot of people didn’t know was that ‘Superdrol’ actually contained Methyldrostanolone also known as methasterone. Superdrol was just the brand name of the supplement which was sold by a company called Anabolic Extreme.

Even though Methasterone is actually a steroid, it was not a controlled substance back in 2005. This allowed supplement companies to stock their shelves with Superdrol without any problems.

Superdrol was available for roughly a year, that was until the FDA stepped in and Superdrol was permanently banned along with other prohormones such as Epistane.

Methasterone is a synthetic oral anabolic androgenic steroid. It is considered to be a very potent steroid that is mainly known for its lean muscle and strength gains.

In this article, we will be explaining everything you need to know about Superdrol (Methyldrostanolone). We will give you our opinions on Superdrol results, cycles, dosages and side effects.

What can you expect from Superdrol?

Often people wonder what they can expect from Superdrol and what the results are like. With Methyldrostanolone you can expect to put on a solid amount of lean muscle if your diet and training are also in check.

I’d say probably anywhere from 10 to 15 lbs in 4 weeks, which is crazy if you think about it. Of course, it also depends on the Superdrol dosage, often 10-20mg seems to be the sweet spot.

What I like about SD is that it’s a dry steroid meaning you won’t be retaining any water. With Dianabol, for example, it’s known to cause a water bloat – with superdrol you won’t be having this problem.

SD is notorious for its strength gains. Ask anybody that has used Superdrol, the first thing they will mention is that their strength went through the roof.

Of course, the Superdrol results are going to be based on the amount of work and effort you put in. Training intensity and diet play a huge role when it comes down to results, so make sure keep that in mind.

Check out what Dr Tony Huge and Bodybuilding Coach Trevor had to say about Superdrol results and expectations.


Even Coach Trevor confirms that SD is known for giving crazy strength and mass gains. You will also hear him mention that 10 to 20lbs of muscle mass in 4 to 6 weeks is very realistic. Just like Anadrol, SD will make sure to help you put on size very rapidly.

What Side Effects Does Superdrol Have?

You’ve probably already guessed it. Methyldrostanolone is a potent steroid that does have side effects, as with most steroids that work. The superdrol side effects are higher compared to other steroids, it is not to be taken lightly.

The biggest problem with this compound is the hepatotoxicity. SD is extremely harsh on the liver and will damage your liver if not used properly. Because it is methylated it breaks down through your body twice, basically, you are dropping a bomb on your liver because it’s already working so hard.

Don’t listen to people who tell you that Superdrol isn’t that hard on your liver because it is NOT true. Liver enzymes are going to skyrocket so you do not want to be using this stuff for more than 4-6 weeks (depending on dosage) or your liver is going to take a huge beating.

Tony Huge and Coach Trevor share their experience regarding superdrol side effects and what to watch out for. Make sure to watch this short clip, it’s really informative and gives you a good idea of how negatively superdrol can impact health when not used properly.


I’d always recommend running a cycle support product when using orals because they help detoxify the liver which can be crucial. A great one to use is the A.A.S Cycle Support by Enhanced Athlete because it contains all the essential ingredients you need to help protect your body.

Superdrol cycle support

At high dosages, Superdrol will also suppress your appetite, which is something you obviously don’t want. What is the point of taking orals when they crush your appetite? Make sure you don’t take to much and stay within the recommended dosage.

Another side effect associated with orals, in this case, Methyldrostanolone, is lethargy. A lot of people experience extreme lethargy when running Methyldrostanolone, mainly because the liver is under stress. This why we can’t stress enough how important the use of a cycle support product is.

Make sure to carefully monitor your blood pressure because Superdrol is known to cause increased blood pressure.

Optimal Superdrol Dosage

Honestly, it all depends on your goals and what results you are after. When talking about the most efficient superdrol dosage, I would probably say anywhere from 20 to 30mg for 4-6 weeks. For most users, this superdrol dosage is definitely the sweet spot. They say that there’s a good balance between muscle gains and side effects.

You could go higher on the superdrol dosage, let’s say 40mg. At 40mg you will be potentially gaining more muscle and strength, but the side effects will also tremendously increase. In my opinion, it is not worth it.

You definitely do not want to be taking more than 40 milligrams in my opinion, and if you are pushing the maximum dosage of 40mg a day make sure to discontinue use after 4 weeks. Your liver will be absolutely done after 4 weeks of legitimate Methyldrostanolone, it NEEDS to rest and recover.

Let’s say, hypothetically speaking if you are going to take this compound when would be the best time to take your superdrol dosage?

If SD is the only compound you are running, you are going to want to split the dosage throughout the day. Once in the morning, once pre-workout and perhaps even the last dosage in the evening.

By spreading the dosage you will experience fewer side effects because when you are taking the superdrol dosage it will cause your hormones to fluctuate.

When Methyldrostanolone is being used next to other injectable AAS such as Testosterone, for example, most users seem to prefer to take it pre-workout.

The Best Superdrol Cycle?

Superdrol is often ran alongside other injectable steroids, that’s when it really shines. Most users will choose to use orals such as SD as a kickstart for their cycle.


Superdrol Reviews By Bodybuilders


Superdrol Vs Anadrol

Both of these two oral steroids are very popular, but how do they compare to each other? Often people seem to compare Superdrol Vs Anadrol because they are similar when it comes to mass and strength gains.

In my opinion, Anadrol puts mass on like no other steroid does. It’s a really strong compound with great effects which is why it often is used as a pre-contest drug. I will give you guys my take on Superdrol Vs Anadrol.

The main issue for me with Superdrol is that it’s more liver toxic compared to Anadrol. At higher dosages, Superdrol is going to cause negative side effects such as lethargy and suppress appetite those can definitely impact results.

Anecdotal experiences also tell us most users seem to have a lot of issues with Superdrol, some even discontinue use very soon after starting. While on the other hand, Anadrol seems to be tolerated much better.

In terms of strength and mass, I think they are pretty much the same. You get crazy results of both Superdrol vs Anadrol, there’s no denying it. But with Superdrol the side effects might catch up.

I guess personal preference plays a role comparing Superdrol Vs Anadrol. Some people won’t ever touch Superdrol and vice versa. It’s all about what works for you.

Here’s what bodybuilding coach Trevor had to say about Superdrol vs Anadrol. He has used both compounds and is very knowledgable on this particulair topic.