What is DHB? the Powerful Steroid No One Talks About


DHB Steroid

Today we’re going to talk about the DHB steroid. DHB is also known as dihydroboldenone, it has its own classifications like DHT’s are. They call it 1-testosterone, it really confuses people because they read it and think of Methyl 1-test.

DHB Steroid

But when you think of it that way, Methyl-1test would be like the oral version in terms of the fact that you take Dianabol vs EQ – same thing. One is oral, the other one is not. 100% different side effects and also different effects of the drug.


Is DHB strong?

So Trevor, is DHB strong and how anabolic is it?

The DHB steroid is really strong. It’s actually a lot stronger than what they say on paper, similar to Primobolan. Primo is a DHT derivate. Its a 5-alpha reduced boldenone that’s basically what it is, that is also how it got the name dihydroboldenone.

It’s twice as anabolic as Testosterone. A little less androgenic, but you can’t really judge it by paper because the effects are very strong and very apparent. Actually more so than Primobolan although I still personally prefer primo.

It hardens you and it gives you tremendous strength. You have to imagine it as the DHT version of EQ (Equipoise). Its very strong in its effects, it’s just a really good anabolic. A very good anabolic, but it produces those really hard dry gains and almost NO side effects. Again, very similar to Primobolan.

It can actually help with your SHGB and whatnot, just really no bad side effects.

You know Trevor, you use the words anabolic and androgenic quite different than the most of us do. When you talk about those words, you use them like the practical application of the drug whether it’s anabolic or androgenic. Not whether its anabolic: androgenic on paper.

Relating DHB to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), DHT is a naturally occurring hormone in the body, it is what testosterone converts to. Testosterone converts to both estrogen and DHT. Do certain other steroids also convert to DHT?

Yes, they do.

Do certain other steroids also convert to DHB?


Which steroids convert to DHB? So without taking DHB directly, what other steroids do we take that convert to DHB?

Yes, the main one that I give credit to is, well not that it converts but it is a derivative of DHB is Primobolan. A lot of the 5-alpha derived steroids either convert or are derivatives of DHB, which give it some of the strong effects.

When you’re talking about it like you said on paper, it doesn’t show this on paper right. Maybe like that, it’s twice as strong as Testosterone but look at Dihydrotestosterone. When you look at the effects of DHT over Testosterone, imagine that of Equipoise.

A very strong dry gainer that’s actually very effective with its unique benefits, but a much stronger version with its own properties as well.

Why isn’t DHB more popular?

When I go on a steroid website or buy from a steroid dealer they only have a selection of a few of the actual steroids that exist. People think that those are the only ones that exist, like Deca, Test, Primobolan, Equipoise and Anavar.

But there’s actually a lot of other anabolic steroids out there that NOBODY’s talking about. Nobody is using them and its just because there is no demand for it in the market because people don’t know about it.

MENT (Trestolone Acetate) is another good example, perhaps the most powerful steroid available. The only reason it isn’t more popular is because of pure ignorance.

Trevor, do you think that the ignorance of people is playing into the fact that DHB isn’t being talked about? As in, DHB is actually something that should be talked about but its not just because people don’t know about it?

Yes, big time. There are a few reasons. One, I think even when you educate people they are still going to make the same dumb decisions until they learn the hard way themselves. Because you know, I preach Primobolan and growth hormone.

People that have run the real things and have run them enough they will know the effectiveness and will never steer away from certain things. However, people know this but yet they never do this. Just because their minds are somewhere else. And another reason is that handful of steroids everybody knows about, they give you the most side effects, give you the most water retention and strength gains and all that.

They work every time, they are very cheap and they have been produced by manufacturers for prescription so it’s easy to refer to them as certain names. People feel comfortable that these steroids have been studied as in opposite to somebody telling you what the side effects are and this is what it does.

You know, all these things – they just need to change their mindset. In my opinion, the DHB steroid is a great compound and I would certainly recommend it.

DHB Steroid Builds Quality Muscle

So are you saying DHB is one of these high-quality muscle builders that don’t result in a lot of bloat? And that one of the reasons it may not be as popular is the same reason why Primo isn’t more popular because you don’t see the instant results of blowing up.

That’s because your building quality muscle over a longer period of time and people are more interested in that instant gratification they can get after two days of taking dbol when they put on 5 pounds of water? Is that what you are trying to say?

Yes, and I mean even when you refer to Winstrol because it’s so popular – it does give you that super dry effect overnight. So, they see instant results and that is what it comes down to.

Sure, DHB is a little more expensive,  not more than Primobolan though. However, its the same concept. Most people taking it that are 40 pounds overweight, you are not going to see tremendous gains from it because you are so overweight.

DHB is stronger than Primobolan because it is pure DHB. But here’s the thing, the effects of Primobolan I still like more because of how it works down the road.  DHB is a lot faster in the way it’s going to act, but maybe not as protein sparing as Primobolan. But it does give you these same effects.

We will be doing some more videos about the DHB steroid in the future. Especially things like DHB steroid dosages, what effects you feel and the side effects.

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