Why I Changed Whey Protein | Safe Or Toxic ? | What Whey Protein To Use


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Whassup everybody! This time Richard (whiteboy from the yard) sharing his knowledge on whey proteine powder. He talks about whey isolate, whey concentrate, whey casseine, egg protein and MORE!
Also we talk about the reason why i switched whey protein and what kind of whey protein he uses now!
Don’t buy any whey protein before seeing this video!

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2 thoughts on “Why I Changed Whey Protein | Safe Or Toxic ? | What Whey Protein To Use”

  1. oh my god, please stop doing videos on subjects you have no idea about. You wont get fat by consuming “too much” whey isolate in one sitting, unless you are in an excessive calorie surplus.. you are spreading misinformation. Protein doesnt cause any kidney or liver stress perhaps if you have a medical condition.

    1. This was my personal experience and if you would do more research on it im not the only one with these thaughts. Actually ask Tony or Trevor about there thoughts on protein powders and spill overs. And i didn’t say it gives kidney or liver stress. What i mean is what the body can’t use gets spilled over. Wheter its carbs or a protein shake. Don’t get it twisted but this is the right info bro

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